Greg Mumm: Australia – Why we should believe?

By Greg Mumm If you are like me and are following anything remotely linked to rugby on social media at the moment, you will have been bombarded with the #strongerasone campaign. Add to that the mainstream motto ‘Believe’ and you get the hint that our team are looking for us to get behind them. What’s more, it’s working and we’re responding not just with a raised eyebrow, but with a full heart and big dreams of Australia winning their third Northern Hemisphere Rugby World Cup. So what is it that is bringing us together, making us stronger as one? Firstly, it is the coach. Much to the sponsors demise, you never hear of the Qantas Wallabies or the Castrol Wallabies at the moment…they are Michael Cheika’s Wallabies, such is the impact he has had in a small time. An unassuming man, this has far less to do with the personality of the coach and more to do with the powerful persona he has bought to the team. He has rid the team of excuses, rewarded talent from around the g
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