Five reasons every rugby fan must attend the Hong Kong Sevens

It’s a pilgrimage all rugby fans plan to do at some stage of their lives but one that shouldn’t be put off any longer.

If you haven’t been to the Hong Kong Sevens before, here are five reasons why you must book a trip. We promise it won’t be your last.

The rugby

The Hong Kong Sevens is the world sport’s biggest party and the action on the field is just as good as the atmosphere on the field.

Both the men and women have played over three days for the last three years now and the permanent inclusion of the girls has added even more to what was already one of the best weekends in rugby. 

The atmosphere

From the moment you arrive in Hong Kong, usually after a very comfortable flight from our mates at Cathay Pacific, the atmosphere of the event is infectious.

Rugby fans from all around the world converge in Hong Kong and mix brilliantly with locals and expats to create a real buzz around town all week.

At the rugby, fans are dressed up in fancy dress or in their national colours and don’t stop singing, dancing and chatting to other fans around them all weekend.

There really is no sporting event quite like it.

The people

The locals in Hong Kong are fantastic and incredibly welcoming to visitors from all parts of the world.

Hong Kongers are incredibly proud and love to see tourists exploring different parts of the city and the islands.

While English is widely spoken, the locals also really appreciate it when visitors try to speak a little Cantonese, even if it’s only a word or two when ordering food or a drink.

Hong Kong is also full of expats from all around the world, most of whom have found a new home and have no plans to leave. It’s not hard to find an expat happy to take you to their favourite haunt around town.

The islands

When most people think of Hong Kong, they think of a big, bustling city and while that’s correct, Hong Kong has plenty more to offer.

70% of Hong Kong is Country Parks, and it is green, lush, beautiful and full of hiking trails.

There are also countless small islands to explore and it's well worth spending a day on the water discovering them.

The food

It’s hard to go wrong when ordering a meal in Hong Kong. From street food, to night markets to fine dining and everything in between, you won’t leave hungry, that’s for sure.

If you have time, it’s well worth spending a lazy Sunday morning enjoying a Yum Cha brunch, just like the locals.

Extended families often meet once a week for a meal at their favourite local restaurant and there are no shortages of options right across Hong Kong Island.

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