Exclusive: Cheika’s Wallabies vision for the good of Australian rugby

By Brett McKay Like his former Randwick teammate and now English counterpart Eddie Jones, Wallabies coach Michael Cheika is an engrossing conversation away from the all-in press conference situation. His demeanour is very similar to what you see on TV, but when he gets the chance to expand and be expressive, the honesty is quite refreshing. Now free of the Super Rugby commitments that made the first half of his 2015 ridiculously busy for a Rugby World Cup year, Cheika has been able to spend the first half of this year in observation mode. It was really interesting to speak in depth with the Wallabies coach on a number of topics surrounding this series, and the state of the game in Australia. On his approach this season, now he’s not coaching Super Rugby too…   With no Super Rugby coaching programme this year, is having more time on your hands a good or a bad thing for your anticipation levels? “Oh no, I’m not one of those… I’m not going to get anxious about it o
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