Brett Papworth: As you sow, so shall you reap

By Brett Papworth It has taken me a few days to calm down after the debacle at ANZ Stadium on Saturday night. But I am still angry. There has been lots of negative commentary about our performance, and yes, it was not our finest hour. Coach and players will no doubt be hurting and searching for a response quickly, because the show moves on and they need to front up again on Saturday. That is hard to do. The players who wear our national jersey have my undying admiration, and I really feel for each of them. Do I blame them? No. Winning is bloody hard, and the players know it better than anyone. Players don’t create the environment in which they play, they just get picked, turn up, and give it their best. How can we be spending more than ever on the growing professional arm of the game, but getting worse? I have gone back as far as I can into the ARU Annual Report archives, and can tell you that since 2007, the ARU has spent $777,000,000 on the game (in nine years). Almost all of i
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