ARU and Cricket Australia on same path to destruction

By Sam Ryan A few years back, Australia had the best cricket team in the world. Both our Test and One Day side were near unbeatable and the Australian public adored them. When one legend retired, two or three young stars were knocking down the door, taking wickets or scoring runs consistently at state level. It seemed like it would stay this way forever. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. You see, the game just had to become more professional. Even though Australia was already the best side in the world, things had to change. Despite already owning the Australian summer, Cricket Australia needed more. As cricket evolved from a sport to a business, the empire began to grow and more and more individuals became employed by the game. To feed the empire, Cricket Australia needed more cash, so their finances became their main priority. They needed to pay players more money to be more professional, so they could play more games and increase revenue from TV deals, spon
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