Wallabies U23’s side proves there’s light at the end of the tunnel

By Sam Ryan It's easy to be pessimistic about Australian rugby after a disappointing year to date but maybe, just maybe, things really aren't that bad. Following the departures of a host of players post last year's World Cup, Australia's depth has been stretched significantly in 2016 and the Wallabies and our Super Rugby franchises have struggled as a result. But it's also opened the door and given an early opportunity to a handful of our future stars who will undoubtedly benefit from their 2016 experiences in the long run. The emergence of some of these player may just be the highlight of this Super Rugby season for Australian fans, so why not look at how it all might come together a few years down the track. To qualify for this hypothetical Wallabies U23's and 2023 World Cup side, a player must currently be 18-23 and contracted to a Super Rugby club or ARU program. Now this obviously excludes all those who will develop in club rugby for the next few years, as well as someon
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