Players encouraged to support inaugural Rainbow Round of Sport this weekend

Australian rugby players and supporters are being encouraged to support the inaugural 'Rainbow Round of Sport' this weekend, in an effort to boot homophobia out of rugby. Rugby players across Australia are encouraged to support the campaign by lacing up their boots with a pair of rainbow shoelaces as a symbol of their stance against homophobia. It comes after the organisers of Sydney’s 2014 Bingham Cup (the Gay Rugby World Cup) and a coalition of LGBTI sports commissioned a global research project which found that 46% of participants believed that LGBTI participants are not accepted in sporting culture. By wearing rainbow laces and promoting the initiative, players and rugby clubs can raise awareness about homophobia in sport and show their support for the LGBTI community in Australian Rugby. The objective is to develop a safe and inclusive environment for players, administrators, coaches and spectators to participate and engage in sport regardless of their sexuality. In 2014,
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