Edge Of Darkness: How Rugby Saved Alex Gibbon

by Paul Cook - October, 2015 This Saturday afternoon sees Brisbane City host the UC Vikings in the 2015 NRC Grand Final, and with it, the end of Australia’s third tier competition for another year. Created primarily as a pathway for future stars to test themselves at a higher level under the watchful eyes of the Waratahs, Brumbies, Reds, Rebels and Force, it is only over the next few weeks and months that will we find out which players have been deemed worthy of making the leap up to the Super Rugby ranks. All nine teams are chock-full of burgeoning young talent, all eager to find that golden ticket to the big time they have dreamed of since they first picked up a Gilbert. But while all players must overcome many hurdles on the way to forging a professional career, I sincerely hope that I never get to hear of any whose obstacles have been greater than that faced by City winger Alex Gibbon. He has already fought so many battles just to be where he is today, that fighting for a pro
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