How culture is driving QLD Premier Rugby in 2018

By Tim Mosey. Photo: Brendan Hertel It seems a positive culture is the cornerstone of most successful sporting teams. But where though does culture stem from? Is it something that can be created out of thin air, with a few standards whacked up on a white board in a dressing room? Or does it come from somewhere deeper? There are many aspects to a “positive culture”, though perhaps it can be pared back to one thing – people. Grassroots rugby is the lifeblood of the Wallabies. The transition from schoolboy rugby player to Wallaby used to be separated by a long club rugby apprenticeship. One would sink their teeth into colts, then grade, followed by Queensland and maybe Australia. Although the rugby landscape and pathway is vastly different to what it was, culture at a grassroots level remains the same. Most young men come from school into club rugby without a representative CV, and they are bringing with them a work ethic and attitude which is contributing d
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