Brisbane City 2016 NRC Season Review with Rod Seib

Overview with Rod Seib: "When you look back on a season, you usually look at the win/loss record, so on the surface it was a disappointing year. Obviously only winning twice, against the Rams and Queensland Country, it certainly wasn’t the season we were hoping for but in saying that, NRC games can be won or lost very quickly and in a few of our games, there were some key moments when we didn’t make the most of our opportunities and that was probably very telling in our season. "There were a couple of games that got away from us, the very first match against NSW Country, that was quite winnable but we didn’t perform as well as we should have. It was the same against the Sydney Rays, there was only a try in it and it could have gone either way so if we had of picked up those two wins, we would have been in the finals and then it’s quite a different year. "I think it had a lot to do with preparation. We had a very limited preparation and going into our first game, we’d only
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