Baa Baa’s Experience Gives Tom Hill A Deserved Centre Stage

by Paul Cook -   ***************************************** “Who’s that big no.12? He was a real handful.”  “Yeah, he carries well and he’s hard to stop isn’t he? He’s bloody strong!” ***************************************** Having watched a fair bit of Shute Shield rugby over the last eight years – probably in the region of 250-300 games all up – you get a pretty good read on the talent coming through in club land that may have what it takes to go onto the next level. I’m certainly no great sage when it comes to rugby talent spotting, and I don’t have a coaches’ eye for detail, but if you watch enough players, enough times, you can tend to pick out those with the qualities that you think would serve them well in the professional arena should they get the opportunity. So, it was with some satisfaction that I overheard the post-match discussion that introduced this article, amongst a group of Melbourne Rising players, regarding the abilities of Eastwood
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