Simon Poidevin on why the Hong Kong 7s must be on every rugby fan’s bucket list

Things were a little different back in the 1980s when Simon Poidevin was representing Australia each year at the Hong Kong 7s. 

“Professionalism was a long way off those days,” Poidevin laughed. 

We’d arrive in Hong Kong early in the week and spend most nights eating and drinking on the beautiful harbour. We switched on more as the week went on but it was always a tour that was as much fun on the field as it was off it. 

“If you made it through to the final on Sunday, the decider was a 10 minutes each way final so that was pretty tough by that stage of the week.”

Poidevin was part of the Australian team that won the Hong Kong 7s in 1985, a year after many of the same players were part of the Wallabies successful 1984 Grand Slam tour. 

“We weren’t necessarily a specialist Sevens team but we all knew exactly how each other played and we had a bit of success. 

“There wasn’t a World Series played back then and Hong Kong was looked at as the biggest and best tournament each year.

“I think even the current players probably feel that, even though they fly and play all over the world. 

“To get all the best and most skilful players in the world together to play in such a fantastic stadium with an incredible atmosphere, it’s one weekend you looked forward to every year.”

Poidevin said a trip to Hong Kong to watch the Sevens and take in the beautiful city, needed to be on the bucket list of every Australian rugby fan. 

“I don’t think I know of anyone that has been and hasn’t returned for another trip,” the former Wallaby said. 

“It really is one of the best places you’ll visit in the world and it’s only a 9 hour flight.  

“The local population are so friendly and it’s so different to other parts of the world where you typically travel for rugby. 

“Everything is really well organised and easy and the party never stops from the moment you arrive. It was great to win in Hong Kong but sometimes you had even more fun if you got knocked out early.”

If you're heading to Hong Kong, our mates at the Hong Kong Tourist Board have plenty of inside tips available on their website to help you get the most out of your trip. 

But Poidevin said it's hard to go wrong if you're a rugby fan of any age in Hong Kong come Sevens time.

“It’s just such a friendly atmosphere. I’ve never witnessed any violence in that stadium and there is a lot of drinking going on. Despite that, people are just in a good mood and things never turn ugly like they do at other events. 

“It’s also really kid friendly. There is something happening all the time and it’s fast and exciting which is perfect for rugby people and non-rugby people all the same time.”

Check our the Discover Hong Kong website for more information ahead of this year's Hong Kong 7s. 

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