Daniel Boland: Why I love the Manly v Warringah derby

By Daniel Boland - Originally published in 2018 I have lived in Manly for 11 years, and on very quick calculations been to about 20 Manly v Rats games. I’ve probably played in nearly that many curtain-raisers, almost exclusively for the mighty 4th grade, and even then I understand that I am a complete newcomer when it comes to the history of this fantastic fixture. To those with memories much longer than this period, I apologise, but I can’t talk to those times – all I have to go on are the stories I hear, and I believe most of those even less that I believe the claims from those north of the Narrabeen Bridge who refer to their part of the beaches as “God’s Country”. Maybe the Aztec God Tlazolteotl (don’t google it). Even still, so many memories. I remember Beau Robinson and Tyrone Smith knuckling up in the early minutes a few years back in Rat Park, to the delight of a crowd quick to bemoan the softening of our sport, when a good old donnybrook was somethi
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