Could a community ownership model save Australian Rugby?

By Sam Ryan As the current Super Rugby debacle continues to drag out, two things have become very apparent. The ARU are in serious financial strife and a long stint in the courts is only going to make matters worse. The Australian rugby community has lost complete faith in the current administration and board.   Things obviously need to change but the problem is, I don’t see how that can happen. At the moment, the current administration is only accountable to a handful of wealthy men and women who sit on the board. Those wealthy men and women on the board are only accountable to a handful of other wealthy men and women on the board selection committee. Outside of those boards, committees and shiny new offices being built on one of the most expensive roads in Sydney, are the rest of us - the Australian rugby community. The role of the board is to best represent the interests of the Australian rugby community but we all know how well they’ve at done
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