Australian Schoolboys to Wallabies: Graduation List 1969-2017

1969: Gregory Cornelsen, Russell Fairfax, Steve Finnane, James Hindmarsh 1973-74: Thomas Barker, Philip Crowe, Michael Mathers, William Ross, Kenneth Wright 1974 :Thomas Barker, William Ross 1975: Bruce Malouf, Chris Roche, Paul Southwell, Steven Williams 1976: Brendon Moon, Simon Poidevin, Chris Roche, Steven Williams 1977-78: Tony D'Arcy, Gary Ella, Glen Ella, Mark Ella, Michael Hawker, Anthony Melrose, Shane Nightingale, Michael O’Connor, Dominic Vaughan, Chris Roche 1978: Nigel Holt, Michael O'Connor 1979: Michael Cook, Damien Frawley 1980: Greg Burrow, Damien Frawley, Tom Lawton, Cameron Lillicrap, Michael Murray, David Knox, Brett Papworth, Steven Tuynman 1981-82: Matthew Burke, David Knox, Tim Kava, Cameron Lillicrap, Michael Lynagh, Brett Papworth, Ian Williams, Steven Tuynman, Brad Burke, Mark Hartill, Ewen McKenzie* 1982: Julian Gardner, Mark Hartill, Ian Williams, Anthony Herbert, Tim Gavin 1983: Brian Smith, Anthony Herbert 1984:�
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