Australian Schoolboys teams: 1984-1993

There isn't a lot of rugby to watch in Australia at this time of year, so to fill that void we thought we’d take a look back at the some of the best rep sides from past years. With plenty of Wallabies and familiar names scattered throughout the list, here's a look at the 1994-2003 teams. 1984 Stephen Antonelli, Andrew Blades, Josh Carmody, Jack Dempsey, Anthony Dempsey, Cameron Douglas, Anthony Grigson, Murray Harley, Tony Hayes, Paul Healy, Steven Hickey, Ian Humphris, Mark Malloy, Guy McLaren, Mark Patterson, David Ross, Andrew Rowntree, Ricky Stuart, Scott Taylor, Glen Taylor, Allan Warby, Jason Woodward. 1985 Robert Charles, Michael Crawford, Bruce Davies, David Dix, Michael Foley, Darren Free, Albert Fulavi, Matthew Furrer, Warwick Giddey, Scott Gourley, Craig Harley, Scott Harris, Matthew Hood, Paul Kahl, Robert Kennedy, Martin Lubrano, Mark Malloy, Andrew Momsen, Chris Newman, Scott O'Connell, Danny Offenberg, James Piper, Matthew Press, Matthew Ryan, Sam Scott
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