Angus Sinclair: How I overcame Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and played 31 straight games

By Angus Sinclair Before Chronic Fatigue struck in 2014, I was a fit and healthy 23 year old. I had just completed a season of professional rugby in the UK and was looking to sign a contract in Australia. I loved training, being outdoors, having fun and socialising with mates. But that all changed when I got CFS. Similarly to many other CFS sufferers I initially didn’t know what was going on with my health and the doctors I saw didn’t offer many solutions either. After two or three weeks back in Australia, struggling with training, I crashed after a game and could hardly get out of bed for the next week. That’s when I knew that I had more than just a flu and needed to sort out my health. I stopped everything in my life - rugby, work my social life and moved back into my family home. Over the next couple of months I tried a number of different doctors and health practitioners with varying success but nothing was fixing the underlying problems. I had been over prescribed with an
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