How to stay rugby ready and make gains during the off season

There’s nothing worse than realising how underdone you are 15 minutes into the first preseason session of the season.  The weather is hot, your legs are heavy and the 40 metre line looks further away every time you turn to face it.  Fortunately though, according to strength and conditioning coach Gareth Duder this can all be avoided. The key he says, is to keep moving.  “We refer to our off season as a transition phase and it’s important that you balance a player's physical and mental workload with a bit of R&R during that time,” Duder told Rugby News.  "When they are working, it’s important to work on the areas that they need to improve on during the off season and that is going to be different for every player.  “Without the added rugby load that you get during the season, this time is ideal to work on any physical qualities that need addressing.  “If someone is fantastic with their strength and fitness but lacked a bit speed last season,
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