Who is the quickest player in the Shute Shield? There’s no shortage of contenders

By MARK CASHMAN The smarties say that speed is something that cannot be coached. The Shute Shield has it in spades and it’s sprinkled right throughout the 13 clubs. You can watch it every Saturday arvo on Stan Sport and it's often is the difference between winning and losing. Coaches feel a lot more comfortable when there is plenty of it sprinkled throughout their XV. So this column thought that it would be a great exercise to ask who is quick at the various clubs and who’s not that far behind. Uni coach Rob Taylor is a man that enjoys structure and discipline in his footy sides and said the quickest at Camperdown would come from a group of four - veteran Henry Clunies-Ross, Eddy King, Matt Hood and Nathaniel Tamwoy. That’s a huge wrap for Clunies-Ross when you consider that he has made his way back from a flesh-eating infection in his leg a couple of seasons back. The Students love to go to the edges when the time is right and they are well served in King and
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