Waratahs season proves Australia might not need Super Rugby but we need to play New Zealand

By Sam Ryan There has been plenty of debate about the future of Super Rugby, SAANZAR and rugby as a whole in the southern hemisphere as the next round of broadcast negotiations approach in 2020. Many think South Africa may soon look north to Europe, others suggest Japan and Argentina must go and some believe Australia should tear the whole thing a part and go it alone. Before we get into that though, it’s worth looking back at how the whole thing started. Earlier this year, I caught up with former ARU Chairman Bruce Hayman, one of a handful of men who essentially created Super Rugby or Super 12 as it was then known. It’s worth a read if you’ve got the time but one of the main things I took from the conversation was that Super Rugby was a competition built for TV, as all three major southern hemisphere rugby nations looked to compete against deep pocketed rugby league clubs in the midst of the Super League war. READ: Super Rugby founder gives his thoughts on the
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