Townsville product Jayvan Scarff loving life at Sunnybank

A Townsville boy now flourishing in the cut and thrust of Queensland Premier Rugby, Jayvan Scarff has wrapped himself around the game for much of his life.

Sunnybank’s artful scrumhalf has literally taken the long road and is now reaping the rewards with the genesis of a promising career.

Rugby union wasn’t the first port of call for the junior league player, but it didn’t take long to become enamoured with the game once he saw the light.

“From my first match I fell in love with the game and never looked back,” Scarff told Rugby News.

“I love the tactical side as well as the good-hearted people associated with the game all over the world.”

A host of Townsville representative team’s later, often playing above his age level, and Scarff envisioned what his future may hold in store.

“I played in the under 18’s North Queensland Schoolboys team, I was still 15 at the time. It was that carnival, played at Sunnybank actually, that really opened my eyes for the possibilities of where I could take this rugby dream of mine,” he said.

While his trajectory seemed headed strictly north, covid interruptions throughout 2020 opened new doors.

Taking a job as a development officer with Townsville Rugby Union, Scarff revelled in giving back to a game that he loved and growing it’s exposure in the region.

Spotted soon after by Sunnybank colts’ coach Brendan Underwood for Queensland Country, the number nine jumped at the chance to kickstart his career away from home.

“I resigned from my job, packed my bags and headed off on my own to the City of Brisbane to follow my dreams,” he said.

“So I definitely didn’t follow the conventional route to get to where I am and it has taken many hours of hard work.

“Some would say I have taken the long road, however through the adversity of growing up in the country and taking that pathway I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Fast forward to the 2022 season, Sunnybank afforded Scarff opportunities late in the year to ply his trade at Premier Grade level.

The crafty number nine gained invaluable experience from his stint at the top level, clearly enhancing and contributing to his stellar campaign at present.

“Coming in at the end of last season and starting in those three games of premier grade has done my game the world of good.”

“Being able to play some good consistent rugby in one of the nation’s hardest competitions has been amazing, and I am really enjoying the ride and the battle that you get to face each week.”

Under new coach, Rob Roiri Sunnybank has been uber-competitive without securing a victory.

The side’s Roiri led improvement is represented through Scarff, who refuses to rest on his laurels despite a consistent run of personal form.

“I have been working hard on my kicking game and just trying to add as many strings to my bow of skills as possible,” he said.

“The space that he (Rob) has created to be yourself and let your natural ability shine through on the rugby field is one of the reasons why I think I am enjoying playing under him.”

That enjoyment and dedication to the game seems destined to take Scarff a long way, again.

From Townsville to Biggs Oval, rugby continues to be ubiquitous in Scarff’s life, and he couldn’t be more grateful for it.

“My future aspirations are definitely to play professionally in Australia, and maybe then in my later years, venture out and see the world through the unbelievable connections that rugby has all over the globe.”

“Rugby has given me so much, not only memories and lifelong friendships, but values and life lessons… it’s pretty much all I have known and has been a big part of my life and has shaped me into the person I am today.”

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