SRU president confirms there will be a new Shute Shield club in Western Sydney

Late last month, Sydney Rugby Union president David Begg announced that Penrith would be removed from the Shute Shield competition immediately. We caught up with Begg to find out more about the decision and find out what the SRU has planned for rugby in Western Sydney. Can you tell us about your decision to remove Penrith from the Shute Shield competition for the time being?  It is for the time being, as you said. Like every club, we review entry into the Shute Shield before every season and the view was taken last year that Penrith needed to be regularly monitored. We created a criteria that they needed to meet to take part in the Shute Shield competition and we monitored that in the opening weeks. Unfortunately, they didn't meet that and we felt that the integrity of the competition would be compromised if they remained in the competition. Why wasn't the decision made either before the start of the season of at the end of the season?  We wanted to give Penrith suffic
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