The biggest scandals in the Shute Shield’s 100 plus year history

By Jon Geddes

IT was one of the most incredible moments in the colourful history of the Shute Shield – the afternoon the fired-up linesman and ballboy got too involved in the action and were sent off by the referee.

The drama happened in the days when clubs provided the linesmen and the man running the flag for Gordon on the afternoon in question was a fellow named Jimmy Baker.

And little could anyone at Chatswood Oval that Saturday have anticipated the incredible incident that they would witness.       

“Gordon was playing Randwick and a bit of a fracas occurred right under the grandstand where all the Gordon faithful were gathered,” legendary rugby scribe Norman Tasker recounted at the 100th Anniversary lunch for Rugby News.

“Dennis Cleary a Randwick secondrower of some note managed to somehow, accidently of course, find his boot in the face of the Gordon goalkicking prop John Sheeran.

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