Rugby Australia bubble desperate to survive, even if it kills rugby in Australia

By Sam Ryan How the hell have we ended up here again?  For just a moment it almost looked like things might be set to improve. It almost looked like things might finally change.  But within days, we’re right back to exactly where we started.  With a group of overpaid executives and employees from within the Australia rugby bubble, desperately and blindly supporting one another to ensure they remain relevant and employed, while they drive the sport they’ve hijacked further and further away from anything that could be remotely considered relevance in the wider Australian sporting landscape.  It’s hard to think of many sports who could lose their potential future chairman, CEO and broadcaster all in one week.  But our mates at Rugby Australia have done just that. And they’re all still in control of our game.  Peter Wiggs had an immediate impact at Moore Park. He understood the challenges ahead and seemed willing to dig his feet in. He’d already broken
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