Q&A: New Sydney Rugby Union president David Begg outlines plans

Former Manly Marlins president David Begg has replaced Rob Millner as head of the Sydney Rugby Union, the governing body for Sydney's 12 Shute Shield clubs. After an eventful 2016, Rugby News caught up with Begg to hear about his plans for the years ahead.  Can you explain what is happening with the Shute Shield broadcast deal? The ABC made a decision in February 2015 to stop broadcasting the Shute Shield and obviously the clubs were very keen to maintain a free to air footprint, particularly as the Shute Shield is the only rugby competition broadcast on free to air in Australia. We managed to organise a free to air deal with an organisation called Club Rugby TV – the two shareholders are John Murray and Nick Fordham. That deal is between the Sydney Rugby Union and Club Rugby TV, they then have a contract with Channel 7, so the SRU doesn’t have a direct contract with Channel 7. Part of that deal is that as well as providing the content, the SRU has to provide either cash or add
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