Premier Rugby: Covid-19 shutdown has readied Norths for what lies ahead

By LIZ MOORE Norths have made the most of this season’s delays, forming a tighter-knit squad more mentally prepared to take on the adversity of a one-round, high-pressure season. Coaching the underdogs for a second year, Luke Oxford said there’s been a “massive shift” within his team since he started with them and more so through the Covid-19 delay period. “Everyone wants to learn and get better. That’s probably the best part of our community,” he said. “We’ve seen a massive shift.” The passionate coach said the steep learning curve and little changes he had introduced to his Premier squad have been developing into good habits, open conversations and an embracing adversity on and off the field. “It’s been good to watch the older blokes in the squad mentoring the younger guys and making sure they have those little conversations, building those friendships, then having a look at how each other does stuff. It’s been great.” Oxford said the
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