NSW Schools: 2018 ISA Representative teams announced

ISA Rugby Convener Paul Geddes has announced three representative sides to play at this month’s NSW Schools trials in Sydney.

ISA will play matches against CHS, CCC and AICES at Rat Park on Wednesday.

ISA 1st XV (1-15)

Will Smith (Kinross Wolaroi), Tom Oxford (Oakhill), Vincent Reilly (Kinross Wolaroi), Tom Hooper (St. Stanislaus’), Lachlan McAndrew (St. Augustine’s), Langi Gleeson (St. Augustine’ s) Donny Freeman (Kinross Wolaroi), Aidan Kelso (Kinross Wolaroi), Cameron Trengove (St. Stanislaus’), Harry Wilson (St. Augustine’s), Nick Rankine (St. Stanislaus’), Sean Vaivelata (St. Augustine’ s), Craig McKenzie (St. Augustine’ s), Preston Simpson (Kinross Wolaroi), Daniel Ala (St. Augustine’s).

ISA 2nd XV (1-15)

Oscar Moran (Oxley), Fraser Robertson (Kinross Wolaroi), Sam Waqabaca (St. Gregory’s), Corey Hooper (St. Stanislaus’), Mitch Painter (St. Augustine’ s), Fletcher Rose (Kinross Wolaroi), Zac Barnabas (St. Augustine’s), Fletcher Wright (St. Stanislaus’), Joshua Roberts (St. Augustine’ s), Flynn Angles-Corke (Oakhill), Zane Dean-Matthews (Oakhill College), Mark Nawaqanitawase (St. Patrick’s), Thomas Watson (Oakhill College), Bruce Rue (St. Stanislaus’), Jed Englert (St. Stanislaus’).

ISA 3rd XV (1-23)

George Ashkar (Oakhill), Samuel Cantwell (St. Gregory’s), Ofa Tuifua (St. Augustine’s), Harrison Armour (St. Patrick’s), James Renwick (Redlands), Lachlan Lowick (St. Pius X), Cooper Sullivan (St. Stanislaus’), Michael Salter (Redlands), Roman Chipizubov (Oakhill), James Roumanous (St. Patrick’s), Haydn Murray (Oakhill), Dougal Murphy (All Saints), Nathaniel Couchman (Scots), Tobias Vieria (Redfield), Dylan Madden (Oakhill). Reserves: Sam Dover (Oakhill), Vunga Halaufi (St. Augustine’s), Jack Jones (Kinross Wolaroi), Jock Medway (Redlands), Tom Patterson (St. Pius X), Hamish Scott (St. Stanislaus’), Cameron Pascoe (Redlands), Aidan Trainor (St. Patrick’s).

Wednesday June 6 – Pittwater Rugby Park

11:15am: ISA III v CHS II v AICES (three way trial)

1:30pm: ISA II v CCC

3:00pm: ISA I v CHS I