NSW Schools: 2017 GPS representative teams announced

The 2017 NSW GPS representative sides to play CAS on Tuesday have been announced: Ledger A- The Armidale School; E- Shore; G- Grammar; I- St Ignatius; J – St Josephs; K – Kings; N – Newington ; S – Scots 1st XV A Bell (N) C Loh (K) D Breen (S) J Williams (S) M Williams (K) C Rorke (I) (Capt) C Brown (K) W Harris (S) H Robertson (K) C Savala (S) B Duckworth (K) E Poolman (K) B Smith (S) A Bell (I) J Connelly (K) 2nd XV L Edwards (E) B Joseph (S) J Papantoniou (K) H Mackenzie Wood (K) J Yates (J) B Wellington (S) P Dalton (J) (Capt) B Houston (J) D Dowling (J) V Creagh (J) C Baker (S) D Easy (I) T Reilly (J) T Yassmin (S) B Baker (S) GPS BLUE D Hicks (K) E Collard (E) (Capt) J Heaven (J) A Doyle (E) N Bours (S) J Gunstone (K) B Peper (K) J Quinn (J) W Grant (I) M Minogue (K) X Ryan (J) N Chan (J) H Duggan (K) M Dutallis (I) B Rixon (E) GPS WHITE B Hamparsum (A) J Bourchier (J) C Icanovski (N) D Foley (I) S Rigney (I) L Scolari (J) F Kearns (N) R Lynch (N) (Cap
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