Shute Shield: Round 9 Team Lists

West Harbour have been the big improvers in 2018 and seem to have replaced their flamboyant best for a more measured approach on both sides of the ball under Todd Louden. On Saturday, they host the defending premiers in a match that will tell us a lot about both side's chances this year. Find out who has been named in your side ahead of round nine this weekend. Eastwood v Sydney University Eastwood (1-15) Dean Doumbos, Hugh Roach, Robert Lagudi, James Neale, Rhys Allen, George Kent, Tom Murphy, Patrick Sio, Michael Snowden, Jackson Bird, Zachery Mackay, Blake Sutton, Pama Fou, Fabian Goodall, Liam Windon. Sydney University (1-15) TBC Manly v Gordon Manly (1-15) Conor Davidson, Aaron Blacklock, Charles Abel, Brad Hemopo, Adrian Hall, Samuel Shires, Kotoni Ale, Jordy Reid, Tim Donlan, Sam Lane, Mick Adams, Nicolas Holton, Tyrone Smith, Rob Buaserau, Josh Turner. Gordon (1-15) Raven Nurse, Andrew Seton, Leigh Hughes, Nick Brown, Jack Margin, Jack Maguire,
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