Intrust Shute Shield Rd9: Team Lists

West Harbour v Sydney University – Live on 7TWO West Harbour (1-15) Dave Lolohea, Dave Karamanis, Michael Alaalatoa, Bradford Kapa, Tom Games, Kelly Meafua, Cohen Masson, Matt Coles, Mona Silipa, Ben James, Tito Mua, Henry Seavula, Rory Sidey, Joel Brooks, Angus Le Lievre. Sydney University (1-15) Alastair Ryan, Thomas Coolican, Tomas Robertson, Byron Hodge, Liam Winton, Jake Wainwright, David Hickey, Mitchell Whiteley, Jake Gordon, Stuart Dunbar, Henry Clunies-Ross, Tom Carter, Angus Roberts, Mark O'Dare, Jack Macklin. Manly v Eastwood Manly (1-15) Dane Maraki, Dave Porecki, Andrew Collins, Ed Gower, Ryan Melrose, Harry Bergelin, Kotoni Ale, Daniel Alley, Matt Lucas, Sam Lane, Chris Yarrington, Reece Hodge, Dennis Pili-Gaitau, Richard Hooper, Brenden Hartmann. Eastwood (1-15) Sam Needs, Hugh Roach, Rob Lagudi. Tom Alexander, Jared Barry, M
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