Intrust Shute Shield Rd8: Team Lists

Eastwood v Sydney University – Live on 7TWO Eastwood (1-15) Sam Needs, Todd Pearce, Rob Lagudi, Tom Alexander, James Neale, Michael Kovacic, Hugh Perrett, Pat Sio, Mick Snowden, Jai Ayoub, Ben Shorter, Tom Hill, Mike McDougall, Brad Curtis, Ben Batger. Sydney University (1-15) Alastair Ryan, Thomas Coolican, Tomas Robertson, Byron Hodge, Liam Winton, Jake Wainwright, David Hickey, Mitchell Whiteley, Jake Gordon, Stuart Dunbar, Henry Clunies-Ross, James McMahon, Jim Stewart, Mark O'Dare, Jack Macklin. Eastern Suburbs v West Harbour Eastern Suburbs (1-15) Sione Kolo, Clarrie Moore, Jake Ilnicki, Fergus Lee-Warne, BJ Edwards, Sam Stitcher, James Graham, Tala Gray, Angus Pulver, Robbie Mate, Charlie Clifton, Will Fay, Kataro Matsushima, Malakai Watene-Zelezniak, Will Paterson. West Harbour (1-15) Dave Lolohea, Dave Karamanis, Michael Alaalatoa, Bradford Kapa, Tom Games, Kelly Meafua, Jordan Tuapou, Matt Coles, Mona Silipa, Ben James, David Moore, Henry Seavula, Rory Sidey, Joel Broo
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