Intrust Shute Shield grand final moved from Concord Oval

The Intrust Shute Shield grand final has been moved from Concord Oval to North Sydney Oval for the first time in six years. The Sydney Rugby Union board said the decision was made in an attempt to maximise commercial revenue from the event. “The board decided the stadium at North Sydney is the best option for all of our clubs,” Sydney Rugby Union president Rob Milner told the Daily Telegraph. “It has been at Concord for the last six years, which has been successful. But this is the only chance we get to make money all year, through our gate (takings), and with the commercialisation now with Channel Seven and sponsors, we thought it was in the best interests to hold it at North Sydney Oval. “That’s the only opportunity for Sydney Rugby Union to raise any money, over the finals series.” Milner said that any revenue raised would benefit all 12 clubs in the long run. “We need to pay for referees, the deal with Channel Seven costs us more money than what the ABC did and
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