Intrust Shute Shield: 1st Colts Qualifying Final Team Lists

Gordon (3) v Northern Suburbs (4) Gordon (1-15) Rob Lacinski, Hosea Fotukava, Sean Dillon, Beau Petterson, Jack Margin, Nic Burkett, James Lough, Tom Leaver, Steve Kirkby, James Dainton, Rory Vevers, Dave Smerdon, Sione Afu, Marcus Hundt, Josh Thorndyke. Northern Suburbs (1-15) James Margin, Evan Pritchard, Jakob Sedgman, Paddy Olver, Will Finley, Jack Preece, Hugh Taylor, Kyle Ohara, Nick Duffy, Connor Winchester, Tom Gilbert, Charlie King, Nick Clancy, Will Connelly, Dom Naylor. Sydney University (1) v Eastwood (6) Sydney University (1-15) Alexander Masima, Tom Horton, Harry Johnson-Holmes, Zac Von Appen, Nick Champion de Crespigny, George Lehmann, Lincoln Whiteley, Hugh Summerhayes, Banjo Travers, Sam Renton, Eddy King, William McDonnell, Tim Clements, Nathaniel Tamwoy, James Kane. Eastwood (1-15) Nareg Nazarian, Max Stewart, Jack Morrison, Josh Bones, Charles Granger, Liam Robson, Hamish Fisher, Joseph Carbo, Louis Heaton, Matt Moore, Tim Anstee, Lachlan Burland, Barton Picon
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