In Good Times & In Bad: “Muncher” Garlick reflects on 50 years of Two Blues rugby

By Matt Findlay In many ways 1969 was a year of transcendent firsts that helped shape the world we live in today - for instance Woodstock transformed live music forever, the Boeing 747 took flight for the first time and in a poignant glance at the brutality of the Vietnam war the Ma Lai massacre and its cover up were exposed. And while it didn’t have the morbid, global impact of the latter nor the worldwide exposure of, say, Neil Armstrong taking man’s first steps on the moon, closer to home something else happened, another monumental first. Dennis ‘Muncher’ Garlick played his first game for the Parramatta Two Blues. Of course, a direct comparison there would be taking steps into a dramatic realm of hyperbole and some may even consider it naive, but in terms of the influence his debut and subsequent time have had on rugby’s landscape in western Sydney, few would argue there’s been any bigger. Put simply, Muncher is Two Blues rugby. The now 69-year-old has
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