How fit, fast, strong and skilful do you need to be to crack the Aussie 7s

Watch some of Australia’s fittest, fastest, strongest and most skilful players in action in the biggest Sevens tournament in the world. There’s still time to book your trip to this year’s Hong Kong 7s on April 5-7 though our mates at Cathay Pacific.

Watching rugby sevens is typically enough to make most people tired.

So as we head towards next month's Hong Kong 7s and this year's Olympics, we thought we'd take a look at just how fit, fast, strong and skilful you really need to be to play for Australian Men's or Women's sides.

We've all got a mate who thinks he or she could still handle it.

So we caught up with the Aussie 7s camp to prove that said mate can't and probably never could have matched it with some of our countries best and most unique athletes.


Sevens players rarely stop running and while games seem tough, training seems even more brutal.

“Traditionally, rugby coaches have used the Bronco test to measure fitness but what we’ve actually found is that we’ve had players come in and do well in the Bronco, but then struggle with the high speed repeat effort nature of Sevens,” Mick Stephen, Head of Athletic Performance for the Men's program told Rugby News.

“Aerobic fitness is a great base, but if you don’t have the ability to hit constant high speed repeat efforts, along with a decent top end speed, you’re going to find things pretty tough.”

Stephen said the Aussie 7s use what they call repeat high speed testing to measure how “Sevens fit” a player is.

To do this, players run a 3 x 300 metre shuttle, made up of six continuous repeat 50 metre shuttle efforts between the tryline and the halfway line.

Each 300 metres is expected to be completed in under 60 seconds.

After a one minute break, the players are at it again and complete three sets in total.

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