How club rugby can capitalise on the success and growth of sevens?

By Sam Ryan After huge crowds turned out for the Sydney Sevens for a second straight year, I think it’s safe to say there’s a strong appetite for the event in both the rugby and non-rugby communities. The colourful, party style atmosphere is exactly what rugby needs to attract new fans to the game and appease those losing touch with other parts of the sport. But while it’s the closest thing we have to cricket’s Big Bash, it doesn't answer all of rugby’s problems. At the end of the day, the circus is only in town for a few days and the event is owned largely by World Rugby, not the ARU. So how can Australian rugby further capitalise commercially on the growing interest in the shorter form of the game? And could club rugby take advantage? The recently announced women’s universities tournament will be a fantastic development tool for the ARU and the sevens program, but as it’s played on university campuses, it doesn't have a lot of commercial appeal. Maybe down the tra
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