How can we fix the ARU development pathway & win more Super Rugby games?

By Sam Ryan At the moment it seems as though we’re missing a step in the Australian rugby development pathway. It’s something that has been tinkered with and discussed by much smarter heads for a long time now but at this point in time, I think it’s worth addressing once again. Earlier this month, Charlie Rorke and Nick Frost, two of Australia’s best young talents, both left Australian rugby to take up opportunities in the NRL and New Zealand respectively, just days after playing with the Australian Schoolboys against New Zealand. They were literally signed from right under our noses. In fact, Frost’s father actually works at the ARU. While you can’t blame a young guy for taking an opportunity, it does show that there is clearly something wrong with our development pathway. It’s being addressed at both a state and national level but something needs to change quickly, or we’ll continue to lose our best young talent. Currently the typical path for a p
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