The Beast: Why Eastern Suburbs don’t like Randwick

By The Beast Easts v Randwick, it's the original local derby! Whilst our friends on the Northern Beaches make a lot of their little disagreement, the Easts v Randwick derby is a conflict of epic proportions. 118 years of disgust, disagreement and differing philosophies on life. This is more than just a rugby match, it is a battle of Bondi v Coogee; The Royal Oak v Coogee Bay Hotel; Roosters v Rabbitohs; boutique beers v Jeffrey Sayle Ale (whatever that is?). It is a fight for supremacy of the East. Every Easts supporter looks for two things when the draw is released each year.  Firstly, for the bye so we can plan our long weekend down at the snow and secondly for the derby against Randwick. To host Randwick at Easts is a great day, as are all Easts home matches.  Easts opens the doors of our magnificent clubhouse and enjoy hosting the “Green Slime”. The only real negative of the day comes at closing time when several Randwick players refuse to leave and st
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