Australian Schoolboys teams: 1994-2003

There isn't a lot of rugby to watch in Australia at this time of year, so to fill that void we thought we’d take a look back at the some of the best rep sides from past years. With plenty of Wallabies and familiar names scattered throughout the list, here's a look at the 1994-2003 teams. 1994 Michael Abbott, Mark Bartholomeusz, Tom Bowman, Doug Bursill, Daniel Cronan, David Duley, Timothy Eaton, Manuel Edmonds, Elton Flatley, Damian Flynn, James Freeman, Terrence Gilsenan, Sean Hardman, Matthew Hill, Benjamin Hindmarsh, Jason Jones-Hughes, Simon Kasprowicz, Matthew Kennedy, Luke Mann, Ryan Maughan, James McCormack, Ben McKay, Beau Mulheran, Christopher Newton, Paul Parsons, Matthew Radford, Steven Roberson, Ryan Rogan, Nathan Ross, Stephen Sexton, Robert Shehadie, Keiran Shepherd, Marc Stcherbina. 1995 David Azar, Daniel Brown, Matthew Cook, Flint Davidson, Manuel Edmonds, Elton Flatley, Nathan Franks, Adam Gilchrist, Sam Hayes, Sam Henderson, Andrew Moloney, Cameron N
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