ARU’s strategic plan alienates rugby’s traditional base

By Sam Ryan There’s a coffee shop up the road from me. It was my favourite by a long way. Sure, you had to wait in line a while and parking wasn't great, but when you finally got that coffee it all became worthwhile. A few years ago, the coffee shop started serving cakes and other savouries. At first, I thought it was great. Sometimes, when I grabbed a coffee, I’d pick up a croissant as well. Life couldn't have been better. But then something changed. The owners sold the coffee shop to a rich man who liked croissants even more than I did. He thought he could make more money if he sold more cakes and savouries, so he began to focus more on that instead. Suddenly, the coffee didn't taste so good. The new owner started to use cheaper milk and told his baristas to work faster. The quality quickly declined, and so did the lines. The loyal customers who had been coming to the coffee shop for many years began to go elsewhere. Some stopped drinking coffee completely. It just wa
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