An addition to the Giteau Law changes that could help Wallabies success

By Sam Ryan Rugby Australia is stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to Wallabies eligibility in an increasingly global rugby market. I agree that we need as many good players in Australia as possible to boost the game domestically and win games at Super Rugby level. But I also want to watch the Wallabies win Test matches and be competitive on the International stage. Put simply, winning games is the key to getting bums on seats, eyes on TVs and eventually more kids on rugby fields. And that’s going to be increasingly difficult to do if we keep losing hundreds, and it’s easily hundreds, of Australian rugby players still in their prime to clubs and competitions overseas. I think it’s time for Rugby Australia to start actively partnering with a select few clubs in key competitions around the world. If the money was there, it would make sense to buy a small stake in a Japanese team, or a club in Europe and stand to profit from any growth in those c
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