A grassroots perspective to the ARU’s strategic plan: Part 2

By Brett Papworth The response to my Rugby News article the other day has been quite staggering. It has been overwhelmingly supportive and I have sent many of the responses through to the Chairman of the ARU, Cameron Clyne, and to Bill Pulver. Respected school headmasters, current and former Wallabies, a former national coaching director, rugby people from right around the country, from Perth, Queensland and even abroad. And of course many local rugby volunteers who found themselves nodding in agreement. Even the cricket community has jumped on board. Literally hundreds of responses, and that doesn’t include those on social media, to which thankfully I am immune. The ARU were asked by Rugby News for a response. Instead they chose to respond in The Australian, and in response to questions from Peter Fitzsimons in the Sydney Morning Herald. I can tell you that Cameron Clyne has made contact and we plan to catch up next week to plot a way forward. Let’s hope so anyway. Understa
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