NSW Rugby to collect data and consider ‘weight for age’ junior competitions

The NSW Junior Rugby Union will collect height and weight data of all players playing at this weekend’s NSW Junior State Championship carnivals as the organisation considers creating ‘weight for age’ junior competitions around Sydney. More than 2500 young rugby players will compete in the U11 to U18 age tournaments held right around NSW across the long weekend. Many believe the disparity in size of junior rugby players is one of the leading factors in declining junior playing numbers, with some parents worried for the safety of smaller children in current competitions. A number of junior competitions in New Zealand currently have weight restrictions, with players outside of the minimum or maximum weight limits forced to play in the grade above or below. “This will provide fresh and modern weight and height data for consideration surrounding ‘weight for age’ rugby,” NSW Junior Rugby president Ben Gregory said. “It will add integrity to this data at this el
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