10 Shute Shield team stats that might surprise you

Last week we took at look at the best players in the Shute Shield by the numbers and to continue on that theme, this week we’ve delved a little deeper into some of the team statistics. 

Again, it doesn’t tell the full story but it does highlight a few interesting and contrasting tactics from all 11 Shute Shield clubs.  

Easts make plenty of metres

Easts haven’t quite lived up to their preseason hype in the opening seven weeks of the season but their best rugby might not be too far away.

While the Beasties are only averaging 3.5 tries a game so far this year, they take more carries (129.3 pg) and make more metres (495.3 pg) than any other side. If they can covert that into points, the Bondi boys are going to be very dangerous. 

Competition Average (Carries) – 110.2 per game

Competition Average (Metres) – 433.3m per game

Gordon have plugged the gaps

In a disastrous 2018 campaign, Gordon won just won match and leaked on average 56 points a game but they look to be a far different side this year. 

With a new “no quit” attitude, the Stags have missed the least amount of tackles (20.7 pg) of any side this season. 

Competition Average (Missed Tackles) – 25.7 per game

Manly don’t want the ball

Manly have had an up and down start to the season but one thing seems fairly clear. The Marlins are happy to play without the ball. 

On average, Manly hold the ball for just 13.5 minutes a match. On the contrary, Gordon and Easts hold the ball for 17.5 minutes a game. 

Sydney Uni are the entertainers

The Students are the best attacking team so far this season and are averaging five tries and more than 33 points a match so far this year. 

Interestingly, they produce 10.9 offloads a game, more than double the majority of the competition but they also kick the ball in play more than any other side. 

Competition Average (Tries) – 3.6 per game

Competition Average (Offloads) – 6.7 per game

Souths don’t give up much pill

The Rebels are in a form slump at present after a strong start to the season, but they still seem to value the ball more than most. 

Southern Districts have conceded the least amount of turnovers (14.3 pg), two less than most sides in the competition. 

Competition Average (Turnovers Conceded) – 16.4 per game

Norths like to move the ball

Behind Sydney Uni, Norths are the second best attacking team in the competition to date, but they score their points differently to most other sides. 

The Shoreman throw 171.2 passes a match. That’s 36 more than the competition average and over 50 more than Sydney Uni every game. 

Competition Average (Passes) – 134.9 per game

West Harbour and Western Sydney are dangerous at line out time

Led by line out guru Damien Fleming, West Harbour steal more lineout ball (1.8 pg) than any other side, while Western Sydney win more lineouts (12) per game than the rest of the competition. 

Competition Average (Lineout Steals) – 1.1 per game

Competition Average (Lineout Wins) – 10 per game

Warringah are happy to tackle

Warringah’s enterprising led them into the last two Shute Shield grand finals, but the Rats under Mark Gerrard look to be playing a different style of rugby. 

The Rats have made more tackles this year than any other side (132.7 pg) and like arch rivals Manly, seem happy to play without the ball. It sets up an intriguing battle between the two sides this weekend. 

Competition Average (Tackles) – 120 per game

Eastwood are the most dangerous at the breakdown

While the backs steal a lot of the limelight, the Eastwood forwards are arguably the hardest working and most consistent in the competition. 

Eastwood have won more turnovers (7.9 pg) than any other team this year and have conceded the second least amount of penalties while doing so. 

Competition Average (Turnovers Won) – 6.9 per game

Randwick are on the refs good side

Speaking of staying in the refs good books, Randwick are the best behaved team in the competition and give away just over eight penalties a game, two less than the competition average. 

Competition Average (Penalties Conceded) – 10.8 per game