Shute Shield: Sydney Uni grab their chance in dockyard brawl against Manly Marlins


Sydney Uni continued their unbeaten start to the 2020 Shute Shield competition on Saturday when they defeated Manly 10-6 in a tense encounter on Saturday.

There was only one try scored in this one but that didn’t take away from the tense nature of the contest with James Kane pushing the home side ahead with a second half that made up the final scoreline.

Earlier Henry Clunies-Ross marked his 50th first grade match with a try which when you consider his recent injury travails was an absolute triumph for someone who has hit back against an injury that threatened not only his footy career but his life.

Clunies-Ross sliced open a shin on a corner post at this time last year at Uni but the substantial cut became infected and he had to battle a flesh eating bacteria.

The Students are renown for taking the chances when they come and that’s exactly what they did against Manly.