Shute Shield Moneyball: Who are the competition’s best players by the numbers

We’re edging closer to the pointy end of the Shute Shield regular season and as the race to the finals heats up, we though we’d take a look at which players are leading the way in a handful of key stats.

Check out the full lists below!

Total Points

Coby Miln (Warringah) - 161

Reece Suesue (Western Sydney) - 136

Jude Gibbs (Northern Suburbs) - 135

Andrew Deegan (Randwick) - 107

Jack Bowen (Eastern Suburbs) - 104

Total Tries

Christian Papas (Western Sydney) - 10

Ben Marr (Warringah) - 9

Jordan Lee Bacon (Eastwood) - 8

Moli Sooaemalelagi (Eastern Suburbs) - 8

Rilloy Suesue (Western Sydney) - 8

Sam Allsop (Sydney University) - 8

Veni Vahai (Hunter Wildfires) - 8

Wesley Thomas (Warringah) - 8

Goal Kicking (40 attempts or more)

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