Shute Shield: Anton La Vin picks the best Eastern Suburbs team of his time

After reading a fantastic yarn by Josh Holmes on the Northern Beaches Sports Tribune, we thought we'd borrow the concept (with permission) and get players from various Shute Shield clubs to name their best team of all time. To clarify, this team is from the perspective of the player and will largely feature individuals from that player's era. It might not completely fill the void left while the rugby season is on hold, but hopefully it'll help kill a little time. By Anton La Vin 1. Hermani Lavaka The original Tongan Thor would casually warm up before a game with a few sets of 180kg bench press on a medicine ball, before eating the majority of the opposition’s front row. Mike Ross and Aaron Tawera were also excellent up front. 2. Huia Edmonds Though it was hard to go past Saia Faingaa, Huia had a skill set that allowed him to easily slip into 10, take the ball to the line, chip, chase, regather and put the winger away with a 20m flat spiral pass. 3. Robert McMi
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