QLD GPS: Why Toowoomba Can But Probably Can’t End BBC’s Title Hopes This Weekend

By Finn Morton; Photo – Stephen Tremain

After a disappointing loss to The Southport School last weekend, Brisbane Boys’ College enters round 7 knowing that another loss would all but bring an end to any hopes of winning their first title in 65-years.

Between them and survival is Toowoomba Grammar, who play host to their match on Saturday.

While Toowoomba hasn’t been blowing teams off the park this season, in fact far from it on occasions, there are still plenty of reasons to suggest that Toowoomba could do TSS a big favour this weekend by eliminating one of the two other teams still in contention, should Southport beat Terrace.

Why They Can

Is it enough to suggest that TGS are simply due for a big performance in 2019? Probably not. While this could be a factor on Saturday, it’s not enough to base an article on.

Instead, it’s the two weeks of high-intensity drama and physicality that may leave the College more vulnerable than what they once were.

BBC are coming off back-to-back matches against two teams talked up as title contenders in pre-season, in Ipswich and Southport. Both games were very physical, and no doubt mentally taxing as well, so this might just be the perfect time for TGS to strike.

In fact, BBC does have a history of losing a match they shouldn’t in the weeks following a disappointing loss to a contender.

It’s not just BBC who have fallen into this trap either; after losing to Southport and the College in consecutive weeks, Ipswich then went on to lose to Churchie 24-22 at home last weekend – a team who hadn’t won a game all season before then.

The players running out in the yellow and blue on Saturday should then take plenty of confidence from the fact that history may just be on their side this weekend.

If that isn’t enough, it’s also worth mentioning that TGS and BBC fixtures are traditionally tight.

Finally, some of the players representing TGS on Saturday are preparing to run out at home for the second last time. It’s one of the best if not the best ground in GPS Rugby; with war cries echoing against the school. When it’s at full capacity, it’s definitely one of the more intimidating away days in the GPS rugby season.

A nothing to lose attitude, history, confidence, and a packed house; is this going to be enough? Southport will surely hope so.

Why They Can’t

It has to be said: Toowoomba are still huge underdogs going into this match. Their 2019 season has been underwhelming, with inconsistency and poor performances plaguing their season.

After winning in round 1 26-24 against Gregory Terrace, it was hard to get a read on how good the men from up the Range could be. Was that victory more of a reflection on Toowoomba or Terrace? Unfortunately for Grammar, performances from both sides since suggest that Terrace are just not as good as what they were expected to be.

A week later, TGS had a bye and faced Downlands College for the O’Callaghan Cup. They lost that match to their local rivals following a try after the siren and were then beaten by Ipswich, Southport and Nudgee in the following rounds.

Toowoomba did bounce back to beat State Hugh last weekend but their season hasn’t quite gone to plan.

They’re certainly capable of an upset but their performances so far this season suggest that this is pretty unlikely.

BBC is their last chance to claim a major scalp before some of the squad represent TGS for the last time in a couple of weeks.

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