QLD GPS: BBC looking to replicate impressive Churchie performance against Gregory Terrace

By Finn Morton

Brisbane Boys College began their 2019 GPS campaign with a commanding 37-0 away victory over Churchie, a reversal of the result from the two schools pre-season trial.

Coach Shane Drahm was thrilled with his side’s display last Saturday, both in attack and defence and is hoping for a similar effort in round two on Saturday.

“We obviously started really well and fortunately we held that intensity. I think we were so dominant due to the pace at which we played,” said Drahm.

“Definitely [happier with] the zero. We know we can improve in our attack and probably left about three tries out there.

“We know for sure that we’ll win games if we defend like that each game.

“We can improve in our attack and can be more efficient in certain areas. Overall it was a good start, but we’ll need to improve in all areas to win a GPS title.”

BBC are now preparing to face a Terrace side coming off a disappointing 26-24 loss at home to Toowoomba Grammar.

Drahm suggested that he was surprised by the result and said he’s expecting a tough game against Terrace despite their 0-1 start.

“The last time we spoke I said there are typically two or three easier games, but this year is very different. It is similar to 2016 where all teams were competitive and a threat each week.

“In regards to Terrace, I was surprised they lost last week after getting off to a great start.

“They have some real x-factor players and look well drilled. We’re expecting a really tough game.”

With the GPS competition being so competitive every year, Drahm understands the importance of not dropping a game.

He labelled every week as a “grand final” as losing once means you lose control of your title aspirations.

“The beauty about this competition is every game is essentially a grand final. You can’t afford to lose games, because it is then out of your control and you rely on results going your way.

“The only way we can control our 2019 outcome is [by] winning every game.

“But we haven’t looked ahead at future games. I didn’t even know who we were playing next week until yesterday.

“We have a different focus each week and without giving away any secrets, complacency does not exist in our preparation.

The College had a pre-season focus on developing their mental skills so that they could develop an edge not always common in schoolboy Rugby.

When asked about how the players were responding to already rising expectation, Drahm felt that they were reacting well.

In fact, he opted to offload pressure onto competition favourites Southport who “expect nothing but a premiership” this season.

“They’re fine. We have done things this year that I’ve never done before.

“I won’t give it away, but I am happy with where we are at. We have a fantastic leadership group and the squad is tight.

“There is no pressure on us, TSS are the huge favourites and [are] expected to win, so we’ll just focus on playing to the best of our ability each week.

“I know the TSS coaches expect nothing but a premiership this year, particularly as they were disappointed last year.

Terrace host BBC at Tennyson on Saturday.