Premier Rugby: Rugby and Wests are in the blood for Skelton


In his first year running on for Wests, former Brothers backrower Jeremy Skelton is enjoying the family and coach bonds at his father Ernest’s former western-suburbs club.

One of five brothers who are all accomplished rugby players, including Australian 7s and Rebels player Jeral, Jeremy Skelton is also familiar with new Wests coach Carl Marshall.

Marshall coached Brothers to win the premiership in 2016 when Skelton moved to the club after playing rugby league in the Brisbane Broncos Under 20s ranks. Marshall also played at Wests with Skelton’s father.

“Dad’s basically the reason we’ve all moved to rugby,” Skelton said of his 42-year-old father, who played for the Queensland Reds.

“He’s definitely been an inspiration for me and my brothers,” added the 24-year-old.

“He’s always been there on the sideline giving us lectures and telling us what we did wrong, just trying to make us better rugby players.

“He just knows everything about the game because he loves the game that much.